Our Top 5 Questions We Receive From Home Sellers in Minnesota

Our Top 5 Questions We Receive From Home Sellers in Twin Cities

Although professional home buyers have been an option for home sales for some time, some homeowners are still unaware of their existence or harbor misconceptions about the process. As a result, they are missing out on the opportunity to work with companies like Sota Home Buyers, which can help them save time, money, and reduce stress during the home-selling process. Are you curious to learn more? Keep reading as we address the top 5 questions that we commonly receive from home sellers in the Twin Cities

What About Repairs?

Despite the availability of professional home buyers as a viable option for home sales, many homeowners are still not familiar with their existence or have misunderstandings about the process. This lack of awareness can prevent them from taking advantage of working with reputable companies such as Sota Home Buyers, which can offer many benefits such as time and money savings and stress reduction during the home-selling process. By addressing the top five questions that home sellers commonly have in the Twin Cities, we aim to provide clarity and help homeowners make informed decisions.

If you are considering selling your home, it’s essential to be aware of all available options, including professional home buyers. Sota Home Buyers offers a simple and straightforward process that eliminates the need for repairs or renovations, lengthy negotiations, and closing delays. By addressing frequently asked questions and debunking myths about working with home buying companies, homeowners can make informed decisions and achieve their selling goals more efficiently.

Will the Closing Be Slow?

Waiting for a long time to close on a home can be a source of stress for home sellers. At Sota Home Buyers, we understand this concern, and that’s why we prioritize a quick closing process. In fact, we typically close within just a few days, giving homeowners a faster and more convenient option than listing with a real estate agent or selling on their own. With Sota Home Buyers, sellers no longer have to worry about their listing sitting on the market for too long, causing potential buyers to look elsewhere. Our guaranteed sale process provides homeowners with peace of mind and the ability to move on to their next chapter without delay.

Will I Get a Fair Offer?

Home sellers often wonder how we determine the offer we make at Sota Home Buyers. We use a valuation process that takes into account various factors, such as the location, age, and condition of the home, including any necessary repairs or renovations. The conformity of the home to the surrounding properties is also crucial in the valuation process. In addition, we carefully analyze the values of comparable homes in the area to ensure that we provide a fair offer that works for the homeowner and allows us to continue operating our business. At Sota Home Buyers, we strive to make the home-selling process as transparent as possible, and our valuation process is no exception. We work with sellers to ensure that they understand how we arrive at our offer and are comfortable with the price before moving forward with the sale.

What About the Title Company?

One more question we receive from home sellers in Minnesota, will I have to pay the title company? While there are some fees associated with the title, in most cases they come out of the proceeds at closing. Additionally, just so you’re aware, there could also be expenses such as any taxes due or liens on the property, or judgments. Any legal or wiring fees would also be the responsibility of the seller. Typically there is no need to be concerned with coming up with any funds towards these or other possible fees before you receive your cash from the sale when you work with Matt Buys Houses MN.

Do You Charge Commissions or Fees?

Another question we receive from home sellers in Minnesota, is there a cost? No! 

Matt Buys Houses MN will make you a cash offer, which is the actual amount you will receive. As you may be well aware, there are a great many commissions, fees, closing costs, and other expenses involved in a traditional home sale. All of these costs and hassles involved in traditional real estate listings fall by the wayside, meaning an extremely swift closing, putting cash in your hands in 30 days or less.

Ready to skip the hassles of showings, waiting for a buyer, and worrying about how to pay for repairs or updates to your home, before you ever sell it? Working with Matt Buys Houses MN may be your best option! We are happy to tell you more about the questions we receive from home sellers in Minnesota, just send us a message or call us at 651-615-8999 today!

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